Parents as Partners

Holy Angels Model School believes that parents are an integral part of the school community.  Holy Angels Model School’s parents’ relations programme supports the positive interaction between school and home encouraging parents to participate in the education process.  Holy Angels Model School is designed to provide high standards of service to ensure that every experience at school is a positive one.

Partnership with Parents

Holy Angels Model School recognise the importance of parents in education process of students.  A strong and transparent one-to-one relationship is encouraged at the Holy Angels Model School.  Parents receive priority attention in an open and friendly environment that keeps the communication channel open between the school, parents and students.

A variety of avenues are provided for close interaction and partnership with parents where the academic profile and general demeanour of each student is discussed in detail.

  1. Induction days for new students and parents
  2. Open house  days to discuss areas of mutual concern and interest
  3. Parent-teacher meetings
  4. Regular communication through student’s diary
  5. Newsletters and yearly school magazine keep the school community updated with latest happenings and future events.
  6. Teachers contact parents via phone cells regularly and the school taken pride in its positive phone calls to communicate even small success of our children.